Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kibirov in Cardinal Points

My translations of five poems by Timur Kibirov now appear on the webpage for Cardinal Points, the English incarnation of Стороны света, edited by Irina Mashinski and Oleg Woolf. They also published a short essay I wrote on Kibirov's poetry for their "Art of Translation" section. All of these texts will appear in the print edition in April (volume 12, number 3).

I wrote a little about Cardinal Points in another post, but here is how the journal describes itself:
The English version of the journal is entirely independent from the Russian one, called Storony Sveta (Cardinal Points in Russian). Whereas the latter has already had large and dedicated readership in Russia and beyond, the new Cardinal Points project is intended to reach out to the vast base of our readers who do not speak Russian, yet, have a strong interest in the Russian literature, particularly the 20th century works. It is often difficult to translate these works, which impedes appreciation of Russian literature by the non-Russians. But the genuine interest still exists and it greatly moves us, the fortunate native speakers.
If you'd like to see the Russian originals of Kibirov's poems, you can find them online either in Znamya or on Stengazeta. Kibirov also collected them in book form.

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